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Mission Vision and Values


The purpose of Lake Elementary is to create a dynamic, student-centered learning community where students develop relationships that inspire lifelong learning and academic excellence. We will empower learners with essential and durable skills through a standards-based curriculum, focused on high expectations.



Our vision is to inspire students through personalized learning to dive into the unknown with creativity and perseverance.  

Core Values illustrate how we will behave and treat each other along the way toward realizing our vision.

Respect. Knowing, valuing, and treating all with dignity.

Trust. Focusing every decision focuses on the best interests of our learners through transparency, honest communication, and integrity.

Collaboration. Creating a culture of continuous improvement, working in partnership with students, families, staff, and the community.

Equity. Valuing diversity and providing equitable access and resources across the district for all students and adults to reach their full potential.

Kindness. Developing a compassionate, nurturing and kind learning and working environment

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