In order to ensure the safety of our campus, we ask that adults who enter the campus register in the office by scanning a valid picture ID. All adults will be required to wear a Visitor/Volunteer Pass while on campus unless attending a performance or meeting in Rose Hall.

Parent/Guardians who need to pick their child during the school day will need to sign the child out in the office and provide appropriate picture ID. Pick-up policies are outlined in the Attendance section of our website and in your Back to School packet. The office will call the classroom to request the child.

Parent/Guardians who wish to volunteer must have a completed and approved Volunteer Application on file in the office after Back to School Night. Teachers will be notified when volunteers are approved. If volunteering more than 20 hours per year a proof of TB test must be submitted with the Volunteer Application. Volunteers must follow the Lake/VUSD Volunteer Policy while on campus.


In order to insure student safety, confidentiality and to minimize interruptions to the instructional program, we appreciate your cooperation with the following policy:

  • Classroom Volunteers/Visitors must be approved through the Volunteer/Visitor process. Please be familiar with the Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  • Classroom visitations and volunteers must be arranged with the teacher in advance.
  • All visitors/volunteers must sign in and out in the front office.
  • All visitors/volunteers must wear a Lake Visitor badge or VUSD Identification when on campus.
  • These visitations must be limited to 30 minutes unless prior volunteer arrangements have been made with the classroom teacher.
  • Visitations and volunteer hours are not progress reports or parent conferences.
  • Confidentiality will be strictly enforced (directory information, photographs, electronic recordings and any student, health, behavioral, educational or personal information).
  • Campus tours for new students are scheduled during the spring, preceding the new school year. (Check with the office for times.)


The amazing things that happen at Lake wouldn't be possible without our volunteers. Thank you for all that you do!


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