Accelerated Reader(AR) is an Independent Reading Program with the purpose of increasing reading comprehension. Students are supported with their reading both at home and at school, each having their own role and responsibility.

  The role of the student is to select books to read that are at their independent reading level.The student then spends time daily reading his/her book. After finishing the book, the student comes to school and takes a comprehension quiz on the computer. The student needs to get 80% or higher on the quiz in order to "pass". Once the student has taken the quiz, the process begins all over again with the selection of a new book.

  The role of the parent is to support the student and the teacher. The support comes in the form of help with book selection, monitoring the reading minutes/log, discussing the story both during and after reading, and asking about the quiz results. After the child has read the book, parent and student can discuss and summarize the main idea in order to build comprehension and to prepare for the quiz. Quizzes may only be taken at school. Once the quiz has been taken, it's time to begin the process of selecting another book.

  The role of the school is to administer a placement reading test which will then give the student his/herindependent reading level and their ZPD = "Zone of Proximal Development" which is a reading range that matches the student's independent reading level. Next, the school will provide an opportunity, either at the library or in the classroom, to select an appropriate book. Teachers also include a daily homework reading log to track the books read, the time spent reading, etc. Once a student has finished reading a book, the student will be given the time and the use of a computer to take the comprehension quiz for that specific book.

  Accelerated Reading has a website that parents, teachers, and students can use to look up specific book titles and find the "AR Level" of most books. The website is: www.arbookfind.com. Almost any book can be found on that website, so parents can even find the levels of the books that are in their own home libraries.

SO, find a book, open it up, and start reading!